Monday, November 24, 2008

Plymouth Apartments

I met a young couple today. You could see the searching in their eyes, so we struck up a conversation. "We are just looking for someone to talk with." They were at the tension point between unease and desperation. They had lost their jobs and were living out of their Plymouth. They were not married, had met only a few months prior.

This time of year, you see a lot of people asking for help. You hear a lot of stories. Some true, some maybe not. There are a lot of arguments against helping.

If they really wanted they could just get a job. They should look to family. Handouts only encourage them to continue to beg. If you give them money they will only spend it on alcohol. They could be dangerous. They could be lying. They could be that fabled guy who dresses up like a homeless man and goes home to his mansion each day he bought with the money he swindled off you and other gullible do-gooders. They are living in sin, they should get their act together and then I would help. I don't want to condone their behavior.

There are probably many more I could come up with, have come up with. Thirty dollars later, they left the Shell station with a tank of gas and bag of groceries. I came up with two excuses on why I should...because I can and because of what was first done for me. Happy Thanks"giving" Week!


Daniel said...

You have a very good attitude. I am not sure that I would measure up on this one. Still have work to do obviously.

Brian Miller said...

I miss more shots than I take.

Rob said...

Where did you meet this couple?

Brian Miller said...


Good question. To reserve their anonymity, I kept that and a few other details out of the post.

Babbling Brooke said...

I would certainly be concerned about the air compressor! Here's the bright side, you could have an inventor or an engineer on you hands! The story was adorable! Loved it!

dp said...

Kudos on doing what Jesus tells us to do. I want to take more shots myself. I find that excuses are easy, it's tough to just give, even when we can. It's especially cool that you went out of your way to get them groceries.

You would think with such explicit commands, we'd be more apt to do what you did... it's sad how human nature keeps me making excuses. Thanks for sharing, hopefully I'll keep this inspiring story in mind next time I have an opportunity to "take a shot".