Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's my life


BetnyNonnie said...

Looks like fun! Only poor Eden, she would have died! She hates costumed people like Chuck E. Cheese or the Chickfila cow. She shuts down, full on panic attack! So funny!

Daniel said...

Papa, I can feel your love and pride oozing off my monitor. I better go get a moist towelette. I feel exactly the same about my own. Blessings dude.

Babbling Brooke said...

What a beautiful family! Looks like the boys keep you very busy!

Brian Miller said...

The pics:
1. Cole loves to listen to tunes when we hang at the B&N
2. Random run-in with the Veggies
3. Logan & Tara reading the same superhero book we read to him every trip to the B&N
4. Who me?
5. That's me dropping off their top bunk. Never said I was smart.
6. Never argue with free Chik-fil-a
7. Hide and seek, ninja style