Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a Joker, I'm a...

Hehe, want to see a magic trick…The clown prince of crime, yep that’s me the other night at the Halloween party. A friend asked me that night if it made me think differently when I had the Joker face on. Maybe I was getting into the character a bit much.

It can be pretty liberating to be behind the mask. To do the things you have wanted to but were afraid of what people may think, to hide from the condemnation, to give you some sense of control, to bury the pain, well brushed makeup to hide the flaws and keep our secrets locked tight in the dark recess of our basements. What are we really trying to do when we wear them?

Fit in. Stand out. Separate ourselves from one group while seeking entrance into another.

All the while, setting a bar ever higher for those on the outside looking in. A glimmer of perfection, that can shatter like so much glass, when the weight of the mask becomes too much. In the aftermath of the mask shattering collision with reality, is there more collateral damage from your inauthenicity? Masks only cover, they do not erase that which is on the inside.

What’s behind your mask?

Behind my mask: the need to feel accepted (why else would I care about my blog stats), the need to feel some sense of control


Daniel said...

What's behind my mask? Well, the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, ..., er, no, I guess it was only gas.

Anonymous said...

a great fear of letting others down, of disappointing them.
I'm glad you're not really the Joker!
Amanda :)