Friday, November 21, 2008

Hot pants

The heat went out in our office on Monday, Tuesday was the coldest day of the year. They say our heat will be working again by Thanksgiving, so our landlord graciously provided "Mr. Heater." Mr. Heater is our new best friend.

Yesterday, I was chatting with Rob, hanging out by Mr. Heater, when it was brought to my attention that my pants were on fire. I guess this could be a compliment, unless your pants really are on fire. Mine were. Luckily just a little smoke and minor singe.

Honestly, I did not feel the heat that much. A few more minutes and I am sure I would have. I think we can think of a time we stood too close to the flame. I mean if you are not payng attention, you can get drawn in like a moth and before you know it. Not just the big things, but the little things that draw us off track.

It starts rather innocent. Our intent is not to get burned, really it is the furthest thing from our minds. Then before we know it..."Well it was going to happen anyway", "I'll be stronger next time"...we give up.

And then we hide. It's good to have friends that don't let us hide and tell us when our pants are on fire.


Daniel said...

A post relevant on so many levels. Have a good one.

jake (to the) holla said...

teasing that fine-line, without stepping over it and getting burnt.... such dangerous ground to toy around with. great post!