Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hometown Heroes

After 7 hours on the road yesterday, I needed sustenance (and a bathroom break), so I decided to hit up one of the local Chik-fil-a. My family loves Chik-fil-a, it's like high end fast food, with a play place. Oh yeah!

Wearing my road miles, I gorged on the Number 1 with waffle fries and lemonade (another perk of C-F-A). As I was eating, this wonderful lady brought me a mint and a moist towelette. She asked how my day was and actually seemed interested as I relayed my trek across Virginia. We conversed about Thanksgiving for a moment and she was on her way. She even stopped by again later to make sure I was doing well.

It's amazing how you can tell when people really love their jobs. They have this twinkle of excitement in their eyes and tend to make your experience all the more enjoyable. So today, while they are closed, I honor my Chik-fil-a host on Jefferson Ave in Yorktown, with a job well done.

Who is your hometown hero?


jake (to the) holla said...

i must say... those hosts @ CFA are the best.

as far as hometown heroes go, it's a tie between Johnny the energetic/motivational dish washer @ tgi fridays...... or the crazy lady on Granby St in Norfolk who hula hoops for hours at a time in the afternoon on the curb

Brad said...

I will agree with you completely CFA rocks and their service at every store is truly amazing. I give my hats off to any person who works at CFA because their service is the best.