Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Grand Picture Show

"Cole. you are going to miss the movie!", Logan cried with glee.

Curious, as the voice had come from the porch and not the den, I poked my head out to see what they had rigged up that might represent a movie. I found my two boys, seated on the porch bench with a tray across their laps, munching away at the snack they had laid out, watching the leaves fall. Two squirrels became central characters as they twittered after each other.

The backdrop came alive as clouds rose, puffed up and moved on. Periodically birds made their entrance, only to depart just as quickly. A family of four deer, cast as "reindeer", stepped in to make sure little boys and girls were not naughty, but nice.

I find myself in awe once again, at the ability of young minds to grasp the beauty of creation, we often miss. If only we stood still long enough.


Daniel said...

Nice story Brian. A good way to start my day.

Rob said...

I didn't know squirrels twittered. Can I get the name of the squirrels so I can follow their twitter? With any luck maybe they would start following my twitter. Hey, why don't you have twitter?