Thursday, November 6, 2008

Foxy Lady

The crisp morning air burns in her lungs, matching the strain tingle in her calves, urging her to forge ahead with her morning run. The light of a new sun, bathes the park in a glow, making everything seem fresh and new.

Focused intently on her path, she barely glimpses the flash of red before the searing pain shoots through her heal. She reaches to remove the source of the attack. A fox, it’s jaws, clamped mercilessly.

Using all her strength, she disengaged the foxes mandibles, only to have it double over upon her and affix itself to her arm. Hope fleeting she begins to run. She travels the mile and a half back to her car, fox flailing from her forearm.

At the car, she finds the strength to peel the fox from her arm, trapping it in the trunk. She drives to the hospital and receives treatment for rabies along with an animal control officer that was bitten while removing it from her vehicle.

As I heard this on the news last night, I must say, my first thought was, “I hope someone puts this on YouTube.” Can you imagine seeing someone running through the park with a fox dangling off their arm? Or hear, “It’s okay ma’am, I am a trained professional, I'll get it out of the car. Ouch!” Maybe it’s just my sick sense of humor, sorry.

We all have those days when nothing seems to be going right, the foxes sneak up on us and latch on, threatening to tear us asunder. In those moments, I try to remember to smile and maybe chuckle, even in the midst of pain, knowing that I AM, not alone.

Everyone was recovering nicely from the rabies treatment at last report. I pray it continues to go well.

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Daniel said...

My problem is that when the "fox" is attached to my arm, I cannot control my thoughts and my negativity. All I can focus on at the moment is that stinking "fox". This typically continues with me long after the "fox" is gone. Obviously this is a weak area in my life and I am working on it. Recognition is the first step.