Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family Traditions

I am sure all of our families have odd Holiday traditions. Those we try not to let out, because then people would really begin to question the gene pool we crawled out of. Like the obscure uncle that likes the egg nog, and somehow ended up in women's clothing that one year. Hopefully that does not become tradition.

Our family gets a little odd around the breakfast table. Really, I like to think it is that we are "cultured". In Portugese it is know as Omolette de Mioleira, which sounds really classy. In Austria, it goes by Him Mit Ei, very masculine sound. Or we can just use the English, very Hannibal Lecter sounding, Brains n' Eggs. It is exactly what it sounds like. Yeah, my wife won't kiss me until I brush my teeth.

In my defense, for one day, I can truly say, I have more brains in me than her. Something I can not usually claim. So, what are you odd traditions? Don't worry, they will be too concerned about me to make too much fun of yours.

PS. They are better fresh from the butcher than in the can.


Rob said...

What the heck is that? Do you eat that with anything? You've got to give me did this tradition start? Do your kids eat this? Good post, but give me more details.

Daniel said...

Brian, this post makes me want to wretch - big time. I cannot top this for eewww factor, not even close. Blessings my friend.

dp said...

that's crazy, are they good?

Brian Miller said...

Ok, they are scrambled with eggs. THey turn out kinda like gray scrambled eggs. A little spice to them. Just watch out for the little chunks of skull that slip in on occasion.

Teeny Marie said...

Nasty. My father came from North Carolina and his mother was always trying to get us to eat "brains and eggs." They never passed my lips. I got in big trouble one time for spitting them out when I was a kid. They truly are vile. Each to his own, I guess.