Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Defeat of the Snot Monster

I think sometimes we confuse forgiveness with tolerance or indifference. To really find freedom, we have to deal with our pain, with the monster we have let build inside of us, or our forgiveness is token at best.

In the message of Jesus, I find less about "forgive and forget" and more about deal with it and forgive. When we deal with our hurts, it does not allow the deceptive bitter bile to take root. Dealing with it means we have to talk about it, to the person that hurt you. When we keep short accounts, we don't make a bed for the "Snot Monster" to make a home in. When we let the person know "it did matter", "it did make a difference" we make the relationship the priority.

Forgiveness is about not letting what happened determine the people we will become. Forgiveness is about putting it out on table, as opposed to keeping it inside, or avoiding the offender. Forgiveness is about bringing people back together, not dividing them further.

It is not easy. Battling monsters never is. It is better than settling for cheep imitation forgiveness.

I dunno maybe I am just full of snot.



Teeny Marie said...

When the person that did the wrong does not think it was wrong -- you tell them that it hurt and it did matter and it was wrong -- it does not matter to them, apparently, because they don't ask for the persons that were wronged to forgive them. They blame circumstances and others' shortcomings for their hatefulness. What then? I'm telling you, this is a struggle.

Daniel said...

Forgiveness is not about the other person. It is about us letting the offense go. We turn it over to God and he removes the burden from our shoulders. Whether the other person gives a rat's behind or not is not relevant. Forgiveness is about removing the bitterness and negativity and sinful thoughts from our own hearts before they took root and give Lucifer a foothold. Thanks Brian for the thoughts. Talk to you soon.

Brian Miller said...

I tend to agree with Daniel in that our forgiveness of someone is not dependant upon them wanting it. I do find that when i am extending forgiveness, I most times have to ask for it myself for the feelings I had/have during and after the offense. Many times this opens the door to conversation.

Brian Miller said...

Further thoughts...forgiveness is about making it right, not being right. We will not change others, that is God's job. So enter prayerfully. If it does not work, treat them like a Gentile, love them and pray for them anyway.

Jingle said...

It is hard to forgive,
But we can do it if we want to.
It is the first time that I feel a little bit jealous about one of your comments to Jannie Funster, it was on Wednesday this week,
I cannot help but feel down, but, now, I am fine with both of you.

I enjoy the company of both of you.
thanks for being a friend to Jingle!

See you later!
Enjoy A Remarkable Evening!