Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deerly Departed

Helping out at the Rescue Mission can be pretty interesting. Usually it’s the conversation, or the guys I meet that make it interesting. Monday, it was the food. We had deer stew over mashed potatoes. Someone had donated the food, so that’s what we ate. Pretty good too.

Deer meat is nothing new to me. There was this guy I worked with in Florida that would make this amazing deer sausage.

Dwayne, one of the guys that I work with in the kitchen, told me that every once in a while they get moose meat. I don’t know why I find this disturbing. Maybe I am just more of a Bullwinkle fan than I am Bambi.

Just in case, I found this recipe for Jellied Moose Nose. Just make sure you remove the hairs.


Daniel said...

Moose, hmmm, now that is a non-standard meat. Your recipe makes me want to wretch, but perhaps with some ketchup I could, no, no, I guess that I will go with Socrates and have the sheep brains. Now that's a gastronomic delicacy.

Mom said...

I will try to have the Jellied Moose Nose at Christmas, but only if a moose crosses the hill before then.

Brad said...

Here in the south I have heard of people eating squirl and possum? Moose huh? I would not be that brave to try.