Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Santa

Visiting my family this weekend, we wrote out our letters to Santa. Macy's has a big red mail box that is a direct line to the North Pole. (They donate $1 to charity for each letter in the box.) They even provide the post cards. So our post cards are in the mail, now we wait for the jolly man to arrive.

To give you some insight into my boys, I have included the contents of their lists. We'll start with Logan.

Dear Santa,

Will you please bring me Ben 10 action figures, superheroes (Captain Atom, Invisible Girl), Justice League movies and art supplies (blendy pens, paints, paper).


I think the list is pretty doable. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not excessive. Then there is Cole...

Dear Santa,

Skateboard Ramp
Air Compressor


Keep in mind, Cole is four. Why does this scare me? What does a 4 year old want with an air compressor? What is my insurance deductable? I think I may give Ole Saint Nick a call and make some ammendments to that list.


Daniel said...

I love the way their minds work. I'm sure he has some great plan in mind. Quiet, super genius at work.

Brian Miller said...

And if he combines the two, air rocket propelled skateboard launch? At least it will make a good YouTube video.

jake (to the) holla said...

even more YouTube-able if small wilderness creatures are attached to the rocket-propelled board

heidi said...

I love Cole's list!

Brian Miller said...

Jake, you give me flashbacks from Scrooged. I am sure my son will appreciate the encouragement. lol.