Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is an exciting day at Waters Edge! The anticipation has been building. There have been birth pains and sleepless nights. We have marked the days off on the calendar, even experienced false labor at times. But today, the birthing begins!

For months, there has been so much work happening. We saw a little of it as the curbing started to go in, or maybe you saw a big hole in the ground. A lot of the work has not been visible, but all had to happen for today to get here.

Standing out there today as they were putting up a crossbeam, I reflected on my life and how change is not always visible at first. There comes a day when people start to notice, even remember the moment they recognized the change. For that day to happen, a lot of work had to be done that many people will never see. A lot of pain, maybe baggage, that has to be stripped away.

In Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C S Lewis, there is a scene I think best captures change. Eustace encounters Aslan, and realising that his previous life must change, must shed his skin. He starts rather tentatively tearing away little pieces. Then seeks help from Aslan, who cuts much deeper, to find the new boy hidden within.

The process takes time, and can be painful, but in the end we celebrate the birth of something new. For now it is time to Celebrate!
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Daniel said...

A post and a WEC occurrence that are both most awesome. Most awesome indeed.

Brian Miller said...

It is amazing! And coming together nicely.