Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Battling the Snot Monster

Like a thief, he crept up on me. I did not hear him coming until his icy grip plunged into my face, but in that moment it was too late. The Snot Monster had the death grip on my sinuses.

I despise colds. They come at you out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times and make your life miserable for days. Your head feels full of cotton, eyes water, breathing becomes a labor. That is where I find myself today.

I find that past wrongs are kind of like colds. We all know we should forgive and forget, right? But then you see that person...the one that borrowed money and never returned it, that broke your heart, that stole your girl, that shared a secret, that told a lie. That in some way wronged you.

Old feelings flood back. Anger swirls, remnants of a fire once intense, puffed back to life. We question ourselves, thinking we had let it go, finding ourselves incapable of deleting the memory. Maybe we have been told to leave it "at the altar", but find no release. It always seems to sneak back into your heart at the most inopportune times, kinda like a cold.

How do you forgive and forget?


Rob said...

I say "I forgive you" out loud. I say to the person or even sometimes just outloud by myself. For some reason this helps me let go.

Teeny Marie said...

I am struggling with this issue and I am losing the battle. I look forward to suggestions on how to forgive and forget. I can't seem to manage both at the same time.

Brian Miller said...

Keep reading, I have another post coming up later today. A lot of it is based on Matthew 18 and a book by NT Wright, Evil and the Justice of God that rocked my world a year or so ago.