Monday, November 17, 2008

Affairs of the heart

It began as a hot steamy love affair. I lived close to her so I would go see her often, sometimes slipping away just to be with her. Sometimes I would take friends, just to show her off. One day, it became too much and I gave her up and walked away.

Thus was my short history with the game of golf. Maybe for you it was a musical instrument, cooking, skateboarding, skiing, a hobby, a new job, or maybe even church. When we start new things, it can be exciting and we find ourselves filled with new passion. We hit a few good shots. Learn a basic song. Win a big account. We feel we were meant to do this one thing. We dream about being the next Tiger Woods, the next Bill Gates, the next Yngwie Malmsteen.

But then beginner's luck starts to fade and we are faced with the long hard plod toward mastering the skill. I remember with golf when someone told me how to hold my hands the right ruined what little game I had. So I did what most of us do, I went back to my original grip, and settled for that level of success. Until I quit.

Very few people are experts right out of the gate, but we all want to be. When it gets tough, we either settle for, or give up. Or we just try harder. Hitting a golf ball harder, just makes bigger dents in cars. When the initial passion wears off, too many times, we would much rather chase after the next exciting thing that comes along.

If we are ever going to achieve our true potential, we have to experiment, try new things, maybe revisit some old things, push the boundaries, seek advice from those further along.

Maybe I am not just talking about business, but something a whole lot more personal. I have found the same holds true in marriage, and would not have the amazing relationship I have now after 150 months with my wife, if I settled for or gave up.


Daniel said...

Giving up or settling can be an insidious poison that slips into your system so innocently, so unnoticed, so quietly, so subtly, that by the time your recognized its evil presence, it is too late.

Brian Miller said...

Deep wisdom Daniel.

jake (to the) holla said...

i'm glad i never gave up on my dream of Pro-status on Wii Bowling..... such a triumphant day it was

Margie said...

When things are tough, the tough get going, corny, yes but I believe it!

Margie :)