Friday, October 31, 2008

Weight loss and Monkey Poo

Over the last 8 weeks I have lost 19 pounds. Thats 3 holes down the old leather strap around my waist. The average wight of a spider monkey is 13-25 pounds, so you could say I have taken the proverbial monkey off my back, or maybe other areas. It is amazing how much better it feels not to carry around the extra weight.

There have been times when I have struggled with letting certain weight go in my life; guilt over something I had done or said, pain in my heart over someone's words or actions, issues I felt I had to carry on my own. We all have things that weigh on us.

Sometimes we would rather hide them, maybe moving from large to XL, to cover them up. Or maybe we just pretend like they are not there. Maybe we tried the all the diets and they just did not work. The thing is, if we keep living that way, is it really living?

There is freedom found in addressing and releasing the weight. In having the tough conversatons, in forgiving, in seeking forgiveness, in letting someOne help take the weight off and finding rest.

The thing about monkeys, as long as they are there, they want to be fed and they have a nasty habit of throwing poo. Sometimes we have to go through the poo to get rid of the monkey. Stay dilligent.


Daniel said...

You have written on two different levels. However, the issue of losing bodily weight is such a tough one, one that I struggle with. You deserve some cudos (whatever they are).

Daniel said...

I have noticed that the active WEC staff bloggers have a disclaimer on their blogs about not necessarily reflecting the views of WEC. What's the reason behind this? Was there a problem?

Brian Miller said...


Good question. To my knowledge, there was no problem. I think that in no way would any of us want our personal opinion to cause damage or cause people to get the wrong impression about the church. The blog is my own personal musings and I write/post them when I am not @ WEC.