Monday, October 20, 2008

Invisible dogs and Crazy smiles

A friend sent an email today that challenged me to smile for 5 minutes straight at some point today. He said that it had been proven that it will lift your mood and make you happy. It sounds like something my mom would say but I set out to try it.

Tonight, I served dinner at the rescue mission as I regularly do on Monday evenings. A company had donated chicken strips, so we added some potato salad and green beans to make a relatively easy meal. That gave me more time to hang out with the guys.

Jon introduced himself to me. And then he introduced his dog, Blue. The only thing was Blue was not really there, or he had lost so much weight that I was looking right through him. Besides, Blue can't eat the crackers because it gives him gas, but he does like to tree the squirrels or escapees. Then Jon introduced himself to me again.

No one really minded having Blue there, but I was pretty worried, because if he decided to leave a landmine behind, I was afraid I would not be able to see that as well. After a while, Jon confessed he was not really crazy...and then his voiced changed and he confessed he really was.

I don't know...maybe he was, maybe he was not. I do know that he brought a smile to everyone's face and made washing the dishes that much more fun.

A happy heart makes a cheerful face...try intentionally smiling today...let me know how it goes.


Amee said...

Very funny! It made me smile:)

BetnyNonnie said...

I did not know you went to the Mission every week! That is awesome! This blog made me smile too!

Brian Miller said...

Yeah, the Mission is a blast. The guys are amazing and generally funny to pal around with. Usually the highlight of my Monday.

island of peace said...

beautiful post brian. a happy heart is all we need.

Susan Deborah said...


These days I just need to smile.

Joy always,