Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Committed-A love story

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the new Chik-fil-a in Hampton. We stopped by there on the way home this evening and there were hundreds of people camping out. The whole parking lot was covered in tents. There were blankets and sleeping bags covering much of the ground between the tents. They were actually doing a dance off as we were sitting there gawking at them. The first 100 people got Chik-fil-a for a year, or 52 tickets for a free meal. These people were committed to sleeping out all night, and they were having fun.

Prior to our voyeurism at the Chik-vill-age, we were at the Wave Conference in VA Beach. The whole event dripped with passion. Whether is was the worship led by Joel Huston or the talk by Joshua Smith, you could hear the passion come through them and visually see the effect on the crowd. Clinton Portis and Shaun Alexander were there. (unabashed name dropping)

In each of these experience tonight I got a glimpse into what people were committed to, what they were passionate about. What are you passionate about? It really boils down to what you are willing to sacrifice for, because when we make a commitment we are choosing one way over another. We are choosing to invest our time, energy and resources into something or someone we love.

So what do you love? Does it show in how you choose to live your life?

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Susan Deborah said...

I know that research always thrilled be but now as I am writing my thesis, I am having second thoughts.

I guess being idle is my passion NOW :)

Glad to comment as I will be the first and the only one. Smiles.

An honour indeed!

Joy always,